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With twenty five years of Major Airline experience within the Training, Flight Technical, Maintenance and Airline Operations industry, have demonstrated ability to manage engineers, analyst and customer support specialist to solve complex business and technical problems with diverse teams within the corporate environment. Develops integrated departmental plans, policies and procedures and technical resolutions utilizing knowledge from OEM and airline perspective. Effectively communicate with all dimensions of business; from executive management to the analyst and engineering workforce, as well as suppliers and customers.
Years of building and managing highly creative, energized, focused teams to become the leading provider of solutions to a vast international network of customers has resulted in core competencies including:

  • Corporate integration of departmental plans, policies and procedures for business development for process improvement
  • Design and implementation of corporate business and technical strategies, goals, objectives
  • Coordination of suppliers to optimize solution development, distribution and support.
  • Architecting the integration of diverse technologies
  • Organization / Management Reengineering
  • Skills Gap Analysis, Process Management & Information Security
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Merging of airline training and technical documentation systems
  • Computer Based Training (CBT), training curriculum and operational management systems design and development

Provided leadership in technical approaches, products and processes for innovative solutions in the airline marketplace. Advanced technical knowledge allows me to interact as solutions

Titles and Responsibilities


The founding several companies allowed for the honing of contract negotiation, staff hiring and development, sales/marketing, sales support and software engineering management capabilities.

Aero Data Solutions, LLC captured over a million dollars in contracts during its first year of operation and had development groups in Seattle, WA and Boulder, CO. Established MOU’s with Boeing, Continental Data Graphics and Jeppesen. Developed a customer base in the aerospace market for the Astoria Software Company in addition to enhancing the Astoria product to be aligned with aerospace industry functional needs.

Control Systems Engineering Incorporated became a provider of critical systems to the nuclear power and food manufacturing industries. Developed a core team of process control and instrumentation design engineers that produced material handling, component assembly and security monitoring systems.


Executive Vice-President 

TechPubs, Inc. Developed and executed a product design and development process, introducing TechPubs as the next leader in airline technical publication and training solutions. Worked with the FAA, IOSA and other countries CAA for integration of regulatory and technical content. Created a sales pipeline using Sales Force CRM system and signed several major airlines around the world to contracts. Established and guided programing group TechPubs established in China. Managed and instructed sales personnel in airline marketing.


Created a flight operation system solution division for several companies. As a director, I managed the campaigns to provide services and software to airlines migrating an airline flight operation and training organization into a completely digital environment. The latest development is on a comprehensive viewer solution for an airlines Electronic Flight Bag implementation.


Managed groups of engineers, software analysts, database administrators, and clerical staff for the purpose of avionics engineering, application development, systems deployment and customer support for the Boeing Commercial Airplane group. Took lead role in numerous projects resulting in consistently exceeding the customer’s expectations. Developed IT Strategy and Roadmap vision and oversaw Business Process and Technical mapping.